Adventures of a Newlywed: They Lived Quirkily Ever After

quirkily ever after

It’s no wonder that many new (and old) couples become disillusioned when it comes to romantic love. We are raised on Disneyland images of Cinderella and stories of knights rescuing their fair maidens. It is easy to romanticize marriage and secretly expect a perfect journey of never-ending bliss! How enticing it is to believe that […]

Adventures of a Newlywed: The Third Quarter

Newlyweds - the third quarter

As I continue to share my rather comical newlywed journey with you, I hope my experiences help normalize the vicissitudes that are a natural-if often stressful and disorienting-part of newlywed life. In the third segment of my series on newlywed life, I explore the idea of coming to terms with shifts in identity that can […]

Adventures of a Newlywed: The Second Quarter

newlyweds - the second quarter

Ah, married life! It’s not a venture for the faint-hearted or uncommitted heart. It is, however, the perfect adventure for those inclined to create a work of art within the most sacred of personal relationships?marriage. Rilke famously quoted, “For one human being to love another: that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, […]

Adventures of a Newlywed: The First Quarter

newlywed the first quarter

Ahhhhh? the absolute bliss of being a newlywed! Every day is sheer perfection. Life couldn’t be rosier! I know that the honeymoon will never be over in my marriage! I’m laughing out loud, because–as most newlyweds like myself will attest– the early days of marriage are not always smooth. As you read, maybe you’ll find […]

Sex Wars: When Sex Is a Weapon In Your Marriage

sex is a weapon

When you first met your sweetheart, chances are that sexual attraction was part of the draw. Sexuality is a wonderful part of our humanness, yet its importance in the success of a relationship is often overlooked or simply avoided. In the months and years leading up to marriage, a couple?s sex life can be hot […]

Part 3: Commitment and Healing the Wounds of Betrayal

healing the wounds of betrayal

When betrayal strikes, everything seems to change; nothing seems untouched by the effects that create havoc in the relationship and the couple?s world at large. Healing from betrayal is no easy task, for an act of betrayal can cause significant trauma. While the mind reels from fears, worries, and confusion, the heart and spirit are […]

Part 2: Moving Beyond the Shock of Betrayal

When your world has been rocked by betrayal, it may feel as though nothing makes sense. Betrayal causes deep unrest because the very foundation of the relationship comes into serious question. Not only does the revelation of the betrayal caused deep anger and pain, but it can make the entire relationship feel unsafe and farce-like. […]

Top 10 Tips for Traveling Couples

Top 10 Tips for Traveling Couples

“Honey, let’s go on vacation! We need a rest! A break! Let’s get out of here!” If those phrases sound familiar, you know the draw of getting away from it all. Whether your dream is to head to the beach, the mountains, or a far-off land, traveling offers opportunities for rest, relaxation, and discovery. Yet, […]

The Sexless Marriage: Getting Reconnected

sexless marriage

“I can’t wait to see you tonight.” “Oh, I can’t get enough of you!” “I just want to kiss your face and touch your body!” Have phrases like this gone by the wayside? Do you wonder what happened to your spouse’s interest in sex? Is there an absence of desire and passion? Do you want […]

The Sexless Marriage: Why Sexual Intimacy Fades

sexless marriage - why intimacy fades

It feels so wonderful to be in love?especially during the early stages of a relationship. Before the reality of life sets in, the delights of new love and lust are tremendous. It?s wonderful to have the “high” of being connected and desired. It feels wonderful to experience the intense longing and desire that lead to […]