autumn musing

Autumn, it seems to me, is the perfect season to begin turning ever inward. As the days become shorter and night?s embrace arrives earlier, the abundant distractions of the external world are less available. Not one to turn to the television for diversion, I welcome the natural changes that seem to invite more of a focus on my own inner world. As the more predictable patterns of summer fade, the mercurial ways of autumn leave me relishing the temperate days. Fall?s increasingly rare warm and cloudless moments often tempt me to eschew my after-work tasks to bask in the changeable glory of nature. Just last week, with bills to be paid and laundry to be done, the still luminous waning moon called to me from its perch in the glittering night sky. Knowing that rain would soon return, I chose to set aside my tasks in favor of a late evening walk in the glorious splendor of the moon?s light. My pup, a constant companion on such escapades, wore his matching night light as we set off. The two of us delighted in savoring the warm cloak of the delicious evening air. Though often I listen to music as I walk, that particular evening offered its own wondrous symphony of chattering crickets and rustling leaves. Under the glow of the moon we walked, pup in his own scent-tracking world, and I in reveling in the sanctuary of nature-induced serenity. Once home, I cast a smile toward the paperwork that waited, and I ignored the pile of laundry I?d stacked on the floor. Tomorrow would come soon enough, and those worldly duties would await me, not minding that I?d put them off. My body and my spirit were grateful that I?d listened to their calls for respite. As the light of the moon cast its soft, comforting glow through the windows, I snuggled into bed with sweet delight. I felt pampered, peaceful, and deeply nourished. I was so grateful to have been given that glorious, moonlit journey. What a wonderful time to look for the gifts around you and within you, for they are plentiful and simple. As autumn wraps its arms about us, it is a joy to savor and cherish the opportunities it holds.