Heal From Betrayal Via Gentle Self-Love With Award-Winning Expert Noah benShea

Imperfect Love | Noah benShea | Healing From Betrayal

  We want to believe that love will last forever, and perhaps it does. Yet, as imperfect humans, we sometimes let down others—and even ourselves—in ways that sever the trust that is so necessary for lasting, healthy relationships. When we experience the deep pain of betrayal, which can cause immense psychological damage, it can be […]

Lasting Love: Navigating the Highs and Lows of Relationships with Expert Myrna Haskell

Imperfect Love | Myrna Haskell | Lasting Relationships

  Real love takes work! It’s easy to believe that healthy relationships should “just happen.” Our happily-ever-after fairy tales perpetuate the myth that love relationships should be both easy and perfect. Yet even in fairytales, the main characters encounter incredible challenges that test their resilience, commitment, and fortitude. Could it be that our romantic relationships […]

Suffering from Imposter Syndrome? Filled with Self-Doubt? Discover Empowering Tips for Embracing Self-Worth with Expert Linda Sanderville

Imperfect Love | Linda Sanderville | Self Worth

  Imposter syndrome haunts many of us. For those who suffer from this self-defeating dynamic, I’ve found that feelings of being an imposter stay entrenched even when others offer heartfelt validation. The persistent fear of not being enough, which often begins in early childhood, can lead to chronic feelings of self-doubt and incompetence that override […]

Feeling Powerless? Create BIG Changes in Your World via Small Acts of Kindness with Expert Magali Limeta

Imperfect Love | Magali Limeta | Small Act Of Kindness

Feeling stressed and powerless in today’s chaotic world? At every turn, we are faced with important concerns: political turmoil, global warming, environmental disasters, wars, pollution, human rights, and skyrocketing mental health issues. We struggle with broken healthcare, education, financial, and housing systems—plus so much more. The challenges in today’s world can leave even the most […]