Feeling Blocked? Bring Your Dreams to Life Through the Power of Manifestation with Expert Julia Griffin

Imperfect Love | Julia Griffin | Manifestation


It can be easy to fall into indifference, hopelessness, or despair when we’re met with roadblocks over and over again. Yet I’ve found that–even in those low spots when we feel as if we’ll never bring our dreams to life–the shining lights of hope and faith can help us move forward toward the goals that bring us greater love and purpose. Is it possible to manifest what we truly desire? As a true optimist who diligently works to manifest my dreams, I believe that we do have the power to create a life filled with joy and delight. And though challenges still come even when the powerful forces of passion, purpose, and love are at work, we can learn how to navigate the forces that keep us stuck. Join Dr. Carla Manly and self-fulfillment expert Julia Griffin for an uplifting journey into discovering how to harness your passion to manifest your heart’s deepest desires.


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Feeling Blocked? Bring Your Dreams to Life Through the Power of Manifestation with Expert Julia Griffin

Discover How to Harness your Inner Joy and Passion to Manifest your Heart’s Deepest Desires!

We often wish for miracles in life, but understandably, we get disappointed when our hopes and dreams don’t materialize. It can be easy to fall into indifference, hopelessness, or despair when we’re met with roadblocks over and over again. Yet I found that even in those low spots when we feel as if we’ll never be in our dreams in life, the shining light of hope and faith can help us move forward toward the goals that bring us greater love and purpose. Is it possible to manifest what we truly desire?

Today, we’ll focus on this listener’s real-life question. “I feel like giving up. I’ve had two dreams that I can’t make happen no matter what I do. I’ve wanted to open my own bakery and become a mother, but here I am at almost 40 and I don’t have a child and I’m stuck in a job that’s boring. I’m grateful for what I have but I want my dreams to come true. Is it wrong to want more? Should I be happy with what I have?” With those questions as the focus of today’s episode, I’m Dr. Carla Manly and this is Imperfect Love. Today, I’m joined by a very special guest Julia Griffin who will be sharing her expertise on self-fulfillment, self-love, and manifesting. Welcome to the show, Julia. It’s so lovely to have you with us.

I’m so happy to be with you and those are great questions.

Before we launch into the listener’s questions, could you tell us a little bit about what makes you you?

Let’s start with I’ve always had a great love for literature and art but also nature. I met Werewolves and I could immediately start to hear what they were saying the same way we were talking. I became very intuitive and I learned from the work that I was doing that the dreams that matter come from our heart or our soul. That’s something that we have to distinguish with. The other thing is that specific imagery, thoughts, and learning to hone your consciousness and what you want to manifest is the way to do it. I was a stay-at-home mom when I met the Wolves.


Imperfect Love | Julia Griffin | Manifestation


I started writing for in metaphysical magazine while I had a job. People wanted animal readings. I did that. I worked for a chiropractor in Atlanta. As I was doing the animal readings, everyone’s back popped into place when I cleared their animals because we’re all in one unified field. I then started doing people and I guess I’ve done thousands of people since then.

For our audience who might not know what you mean when you say the animal within us or an animal reading, could you give us a little clarification on what that means?

Animal Reading Resonance

Animal reading is I read your animal. Most animals are pretty happy. I have a dog here right now and our thoughts come together. Sometimes harmoniously and sometimes not harmoniously. When people’s pets have problems, it’s usually because they want to live a different way with their owners. That’s more harmonious for them and their owners. When I would clear them, I would visualize and feel the energy that would block their problems so to speak.

When I was doing that for a chiropractor because you and your pet share the same energy field, oddly enough people would get well from the work on their animals. After doing this for a while, everyone I was reading for wanted me to read for them. We found out that was even a bigger thing and how much people’s lives can change from that kind of help, which I had no idea any of this was ever going to happen.


Imperfect Love | Julia Griffin | Manifestation


Isn’t that amazing and so interesting? For our audience who might be saying, “This is wackadoodle. This doesn’t make any sense,” it’s interesting. Research shows that when we live with a human partner, anyone who’s lived with somebody who’s moody or whatever or somebody who’s very optimistic will say, “My partner’s moods affect me or my daughter’s temper tantrums affect me or my husband’s alcoholism affects me.”

Whatever it is we are affected by those in our environment. I imagine many tension headaches and that sort of thing, somebody being a pain in the neck. I believe in the body-mind-spirit connection but of course, it makes sense for our animals. I have my Giant Schnauzer. He’s in my office almost all of the time. His energy is very calming and soothing for me. I know my energy is very calming and soothing for him.

It makes sense that when we are in harmony with those around us, the people and animals, and if we pause to learn, I believe my dog eats one of my greatest teachers, “It’s time to take a little nap,” and I’m not a big napper,” and that sort of thing. That makes sense. Let’s take a moment to dive into the listener’s question for a minute. With what this listener is saying, it sounds to me as if they are in a job where they’re feeling stuck. This person’s almost 40 and has no baby yet and she’s feeling hopeless like, “I guess I should give up. Give up my dream of a bakery,” and it sounds like a fun dream to have. What might you say to her as a starting point of what she might be able to do?

The first thing I would say is why not volunteer at a bakery or get a part-time job at a bakery? I worked part-time for two years before I quit and started doing what I’m doing now. I would also say that before you go to bed at night, imagine that you are in a bakery. You’re going to wake up and go to work in the morning. When you keep saying to yourself, “I want to work in a bakery, but I’m stuck in a job,” you become even more stuck in it because that’s the energy that you’re putting out.

I would also say go to the very best bakeries you can find and order something. Tell yourself, “Soon I’ll be working in a bakery like this.” You’re not making up stories. You’re resonating with a similar energy. As far as the baby, you still have some time and if you don’t, you might marry someone with a small child who’s been looking for someone exactly like you.

I love how you are saying two things. Get your energy moving. Get in the flow. Go to a bakery. Imagine yourself in one that you want to be part of and imagine yourself doing that. Eat some of the food. “I want to be making this. I want to have a hand in this.” The other piece is to go to bed at night dreaming about that. That’s so lovely because as we’re going to bed, I’m a firm believer that the state we’re in when we’re going to bed is going to stay with us in our dreams. It’s going to be there.

You’re saying to approach it from two levels, I’m hearing you say. One from a very practical level of going out and opening the physical doors. I love that you’re bringing that up because some people think that manifesting means, “I’m going to do a vision board. I’m going to write it down, and then go back to my boring job or my bad relationship and the universal take care of it.” You’re saying, if I’m hearing you right, “No, we need to do some work on our own to get that energy flowing,” and you were calling it a resonance.


A resonance, because everything has a vibration. If we’re looking at the colors and the rainbow, we see they’re all white light, but we see them differently because of their vibration, frequency, and resonance. When you’re doing something that you resonate with, that takes you there. When I started writing for a metaphysical magazine, I had been reading it online and I kept thinking, “I wish I could work for a place like this,” and then they had a thing that said, “Writers wanted.”

When you're doing something you resonate with, it takes you there. Click To Tweet

I was like, “Oh my God, I’ll ask.” I never thought I wouldn’t get it. Within an hour, they said, “Send one article.” I did and they hired me. I met all these incredible people from that over 5 or 6 years. I did that at night. If you’re listening and you say you don’t have time, I had two kids and I worked a full-time job. I stayed up late at night and I caught up on Saturdays or a road on the weekend.

This is such a good point. I have been exactly in the same boat as you. I was in a career that was not my calling. To get my doctorate to build on my Master’s, I had to work a full-time job in a field that I didn’t like, do my schooling at night on weekends, and go to classes and do all of that. It was incredibly tiring and incredibly rewarding I must say. When it came time for the internship, and I remember this, I was thinking, “How am I going to do my internship? Where is there a night-time internship for someone in the field of psychology especially for someone with kiddos and a full-time job in another field?”

If the universe didn’t pop it in my face and it ended up being paid and many internships aren’t. It was because I put myself out there that I was willing to do it, I was moving toward my dreams. Not staying in the stuck dead-end job, but moving as you did. When we do that little bit of faith and hope like, “I’m willing to risk it. I’m willing. I’ll be wise about this. I’m not going to jump off a cliff and expect someone to catch me,” I will be able to do some jumping but knowing that I’m participating in how and where I’m jumping. Does that make sense?

Yeah, because lots of people say, “I quit my job and nothing happened.” I’m thinking, “I’m not surprised.” You didn’t develop any skills or do anything to get yourself there. During this time, because I wanted to communicate with animals, I knew people who had a barn with a lot of horses and I would go over and read their horses for them. Same thing with people who bred dogs or had a lot of cats. I demonstrated that I could do it for a long time before I charged.

You brought up a really good point and it’s something that I see with many of my clients. I have to say it’s a piece of my own past but I got through it, but I’d like your point on this. For many people who start following their dreams, they don’t see it because it’s something they love to do. Yeah, they’re happy to charge $20 an hour to serve coffee or whatever they’re doing.

Charging For Your Services

When it comes time to charge for that beautiful loaf of bread they made, that portrait they took, or that reading they did for someone, It’s like, “I can’t charge this because it’s not a job. It’s my passion. I shouldn’t charge because it’s a work of love, not a work in the necessarily in the capitalistic realm of fee-for-service.” What would you say? If you had to, how would you encourage someone to push through that piece of being able to charge?

What was clear to me was that I needed clients. When my friend in Atlanta had me there, we agreed on how much I would charge people. What she thought people would pay for a mini-reading. I thought, “That was only about 10 minutes, so if it’s 30 minutes, then I’ll make it this price.” I think one thing to figure out is what you can try and what you believe you’re comfortable with. It was very long ago, but I started with $50, went up to $100, and then it kept going.

Did you have trouble feeling like your services were valuable at the beginning or you didn’t go through that struggle?

I think everybody has an amount in their head that they think it’s worth. You have to continually push past that. That would be my take on that and decide that you’re worth more.

Believe in your worth. Believe that the world needs that service, wants that service. In this case, this individual’s bakery, her baked goods, to go and maybe do some volunteer work in a bakery or part-time job in the bakery. Maybe also start making some baked goods.

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If you could sell at a flea market. I mean, I’m a great cook and baker, but I don’t always have time to do those things. I would love to be able to find them somewhere, buy them, and eat them.

Absolutely, at a farmer’s market. We’re letting her know that maybe the door isn’t going to open hugely and give her a bakery that’s ready to go and fully stocked, and there she walks and opens it up. Maybe this is a baby-step process as most of life is where she can get her feet wet, so to speak. See how the system works. See how complicated it might be. Not that we don’t want to do it because it’s complicated but see the inner workings of a bakery. The long hours. The joys. The highs. The lows. You’re saying if I’m hearing you right, for our listeners to manifest, they must also be willing to truly participate in whatever they want. It’s not going to come to them necessarily. They need to come to it to breathe into whatever it is the frame would be.

Find your opportunities. Maybe the door is already open a cracked. Maybe this person has a wonderful farmers market where they can sell things. Put your foot through the door. Don’t say, “If I imagine this longer, the door will open.” A very deep meditation and very deep visualization will help with that but you have to practice meditating and visualizing for a couple of years to be that good.



You would say for someone who’s starting meditating and visualizing what they want with their dreams, that starts with perhaps being in bed at night and as you go to sleep imagining that beautiful bakery, what it looks like, what products you would have in it or if you would have employees, that sort of thing. That’s a good way to get started.

What it feels like to unlock the door. How the floor feels under your feet. Notice the shininess on the table. Think about how you can’t wait to get in there and bake.

There we have it. I’m thinking for a minute. I’m not the world’s biggest movie buff, but there is one called Stranger Than Fiction. The woman has this bakery and indeed her baking started when she was in law school. I think she wasn’t very good at law school or not very interested in law school, but she was a very good baker and should bring the treats for everyone. It was years later when she opened this charming bakery.

It does I believe happen in real life. You’re evidence of that. I’m evidence of that. Many of my clients are evidence of that. We can give her some hope. The other thing that I thought of is that we don’t want to underestimate that boring day job. If she is indeed in a boring day job, that means that perhaps it’s below her energy level, below her intelligence level which means she will have extra energy at the end of the day to invest in and be aware of that pain, that paycheck that she’s getting. That might be the seed money for this.

I never could have written or done the things that I did if I hadn’t had a boring job.

Me as well. Those boring jobs sometimes or challenging jobs or difficult jobs. There’s a reason we’re in them.

I think there’s a line that you cross. There’s a day you wake up and you say, “I don’t care what it takes. I’m going to keep working. I’m going to keep trying until I create another life.”

Exploring Other Opportunities

I’m with you on that. Been there, done that. I’m so glad that there is that place where you need to believe there’s almost a wake-up call where you say, “This is it. This is less than a purpose-filled life. This is less than love field life. I’m done. I’m going to move on. It’s going to take time because I have to lay a new foundation, but I can do it.” When we give that message to ourselves and to others, that’s how we build a world full of passionate, purpose-filled, love-filled people. Julia, let’s move to her desire to have a child and you said that perhaps there are other ways. We’re not giving up hope that she can have her own child.

Of course, not.

You’re also opening the door to IVF or what the permutations are behind the scenes but there are so many other ways to have children, even if they’re not your own blood. What would you encourage her to do as far as not giving up hope but also exploring other opportunities?

I’m going to say this because this keeps coming to me. It’s possible for her to meet someone who has a small child who wishes for someone who would like to be a mother for that child. There are certainly children that need to be adopted. They say in metaphysics, “Anything you want to have get that energy on you.” Hang out with baby. Hang out with small children. Volunteer to babysit. While you’re doing it, think about what that would feel like to you. It’s still not too late to have a baby at all now. I mean she has almost a whole another decade.

I love that you’re again bringing us back to that part of you having to put yourself in the environment because the more we are in the environment, the more energy of that which we wish for. Do you want to grow a garden? You don’t necessarily want to be staying in the middle of a hot desert. You might want to go and visit a nursery where you see the plants and the kinds you want. The minute we put ourselves out there it can be scary and into that environment. Sometimes when we do that, we realize by doing that, we actually don’t want what we thought we wanted.

The minute we put ourselves out there, it can be scary. Sometimes, we even realize that we actually don't want what we thought we wanted. Click To Tweet

I had that experience too.

I have too where you put your foot and you go, “I’m glad I put my foot in because this wouldn’t be right for me.”

It’s something wonderful, but it’s not an energetic match.

Exactly. I think of that with snow skiing. As much as I love snow skiing, that’s not the first place I’m going to go because I get cold so easily.

I have the same problem.

It’s Our Choice

Why pursue something that you’re not going to thoroughly enjoy, instead, pursue something. For her, it may be that she starts, as you were saying, maybe it’s something with a partner who has a small child who truly wants a mama, needing a mama. We want to continue to open our doors. What would you say when hopelessness, despair, indifference, despondency, and gloominess set in? How can we deal with that? When doors keep shutting, it doesn’t feel good.

Everybody has that sometimes. I have had it too. The thing is that I know if I keep meditating and if I keep thinking about all the good things in life, we’ve all had it. Everybody had a day that they felt wonderfully loved. Everybody had at least one day that they felt successful. There were these days when we felt like we were one with the universe and how beautiful the planet is.

We have an upcoming eclipse. I went to that with my daughter and it was like I was stunned by the beauty of it. I was up in the mountains and a lake. Still, the earth turns itself on and off. The sun turns itself on and off. What a planet. Those kinds of experiences. Do you want to have more of those or do you want to have the ones where you feel like there’s nothing there and nothing is ever going to work? It’s your choice.



Such a beautiful point. We often think that we are at the mercy of our thoughts. We want to remember that our thoughts are the product of what we’re leaning into. Sometimes we can’t stop that negative thought popping in and saying, “You’re never going to amount to much. You’re not worthy.” We do have the power to say, “I’m not talking to you today. I don’t want that thought here. I want this thought that tells me I am amazing. I am wonderful. I’m here to do good in the world.”

We often think we're at the mercy of our thoughts, but the reality is our thoughts are the product of what we're leaning into. Click To Tweet

Those might sound like overly optimistic thoughts or overly self-love and self-fulfillment thoughts but I’m game for those. I love those because that’s what energizes me. That’s what can energize us. If we believe that whatever we’re doing is good, it’s a force for good. If you think about walking into a bakery, what a delightful experience that can be. You smell the bread. You see the love. You see the people connecting. What a great calling.

You look at a mom who’s truly happy doing what she’s doing and you see her tending to the kiddo or the dad tending to the kiddo. It’s like it’s the most magnificent thing in the world to see in an attuned parent. Whatever it is that we’re doing when we’re breathing into it with passion and love, I believe that’s our calling and we can make that come true because I believe the universe, the divine, or whatever you want to call it, does want more people on the planet doing good for themselves and the world.


Imperfect Love | Julia Griffin | Manifestation


For those who need a scientific background with this, Lynn McTaggart wrote a book called The Field. That science documents that there’s a universal force that wants everyone to have what they want that makes them happy and everyone to be happy and well.

I can hear some people saying, “I wanted that Corvette to show up or that Aston Martin or that eight-story house,” whatever it is they want and that’s not happening. “That’s what I want. Why is the universe getting in the way of that?” I have a feeling that’s not quite what you were talking about.

No, because I can honestly say I loved my ex-husband. I wanted a relationship to work probably more than anything else, but I had to face that it wasn’t. If I hadn’t gotten a divorce and had two children to take care of on my own, I never would have accomplished all these things. I’m not going to say wish tonight. I’m going to say wish was not in alignment with my soul path.

I’ve taken a look at your Facebook page and it is so filled with uplifting messages and where you’re giving people hope, connection, and support. I think that when we’re talking about the universe wanting to give us what we want, I don’t think it necessarily means what we want on the physical plane.

Certainly not all the time.

I think that sometimes those wishes that are denied are some of the smartest because sometimes if everyone had exactly what they wished for in an instant, that Genie wish, I think the world would be a scary place because a lot of people who would make wishes that are not good for them, for the planet, for their families or whatever.

Again, when you’re talking about the universe wanting for us, I think we can see from the state of the world today that when we’re not in alignment with what’s truly good for us and truly good for the planet. We end up with environmental disasters, mental health issues that are skyrocketing, and kiddos who aren’t happy and feeling safe and secure on the planet. We can see that we are not in alignment with what you call the One True Self. That’s your Facebook page. We can be a force against what is good for us and against what is good for the world.

I would have sworn I would be the most perfectly happy person in the universe if you would change my husband’s universe and then finally it hit me. That’s not going to happen. That’s not your path. Move on, girl.

Closing The Door

Sometimes we do need in all aspects of life to close a door. Close it slowly and gently when possible but sometimes I’ve had to do that too and it can be painful.

It’s hard. I don’t want to say it was easy or anything like that.

I believe that when we love someone, closing a door, whether it’s a partner, whether it’s a toxic family member, or whatever it is. Closing those doors can sometimes be one of the most painful things. When we close the door to something that is not right for us, and do the work to pay attention to the right doors that are opening, because doors will keep opening. Some of them are right. Some of them aren’t right. We have to become more discerning consumers of the future. The moment that makes the future.

Julia, you have offered such sage advice for our listener’s question of the day. I imagine all of our listeners and I think it might be fun for us to pause for a minute and think a little bit of practice because you’ve talked about visualizing and meditating, and for us to think for a moment about something in our lives where we feel blocked, and visualize what that might look like.

For example, if you’re really tired at work, and you’re not getting replenished, you might do a simple visualization tonight saying, “I would love to wake up feeling as if I’ve spent the evening under a sky of beautiful stars glittering and soft ocean sounds and whatever it is.” I believe that when we do simple visualizations like that. Today, tonight, and throughout the day, it can help replenish us. What do you think of that as a simple spot for our audience?

We’ve already proven that most athletes visualize winning a race or winning. Most of the athletes will visualize that.

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I didn’t know that.

They visualize. It does improve performance tremendously. Instead of thinking tomorrow is better, I would say to myself at 9 have more energy, at 12, 3, 6, and 9, a quick vision of that. It’s like, “I’ve got so much energy. I feel great. Everything is going so well. This is wonderful.” That kind of thing.

I love that. It’s a very pragmatic tip and I know and something resonates with me because I find myself taking a natural deep breath in and deep breath out when you did that I went, “That feels right.” We don’t need to make visualization or meditation complex or unachievable. I’m a big believer that you can do seated meditation. I also do a moving meditation when I’m doing yoga, walking, gardening, petting my pup, and even cuddling with my partner I can be in a meditative place. What do you think about those alternative forms as opposed to the traditional seated Zen type of meditation?

Meditation And Breathing Exercises

I do a lot of meditation when I’m washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen, to be honest. I do it when I’m walking around and doing things now. I like to sit and focus on my big dreams, but you can imagine that there’s no traffic. You can imagine that you go quickly through the grocery line. If you’re wondering why I’m making a big deal out of this, it’s because you’re training your mind and your energy to tap into what’s in alignment with you.



I love that you say that. I love how you make it so simple, so achievable, and not mysterious because you’re right. When we pause and put our energy into something we want rather than something we don’t want and even think about it. I’m with you. Some of my greatest meditative times are when I’m vacuuming the floor using a regular broom. There’s something about those strokes in the back and forth and many people don’t like cleaning and tidying up. I love it. It’s so soothing. We all get to find those unique ways. For some people, it’s the shower, the bath. Whatever it is, find the places in your life where you feel calm and where you can bring up this positive hope and feel generous energy. Did that sound right?

Yeah, because it’s that generous energy that makes sure dreams come true. The other thing I do that’s easy is breathing exercises when you’re driving like breathe in for seven, hold for seven, breathe out for seven. You’re not feeling like you’re jostling energy around you.

That’s lovely. I’m a big fan of breathing exercises. In fact, in my first book Joy From Fear, I think I outlined maybe 6 or 7 different ones, and that 7-part breathing is a good one where it’s 7 in, hold 7, 7 out. How many rounds of that would you recommend that somebody do?

My parents lived a good ways away like one is 4 hours, one is 5 hours. The first place that I would stop in the choir was an hour away. I would do it for that whole first hour and then do it again when I got bored, which didn’t take long.

Even maybe three sets for someone who’s not used to it or one set.

One is fine. Start with something. It doesn’t matter where you start. Just start.

I love that you said that. It doesn’t matter where you start. Just start. That is so profoundly simple and beautiful and I think two, we don’t want to underestimate in our stress-filled and anxiety-filled world that a simple deep breath in, deep breath out can reset your nervous system.

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I get that all the time with clients. They’ll say, “I’m so anxious,” and I’ll say, “Let’s breathe together for three minutes.”

It is funny. I tell my husband all the time. I’m like, “Honey, stop for a second. Deep breath in and deep breath out.” He’ll do it and he’ll giggle. It’s a lot and I do it for myself. I’ll find myself racing to go nowhere. No, wait a second. Deep breath in, deep breath out and it’s a fun way for us to reset, and then as you’re saying, we can even tie that moment to a visualization. I love that. I’m going to work on that. When I do that deep breath in deep breath out, I’m going to visualize a more fluid afternoon or more gentle evening or whatever it is. We can start doing more of this visualization because you make it so simple. I love how you’ve made it.

This is what I say, “It’s simple, but you have to be disciplined with your practice.” It’s very simple. It’s not hard. With the breath, for anxious people, because I do this myself when you get your breath down, you can feel that your voice starts to come from your chest and your throat chakra. It’s up here when you’re nervous like, “I don’t know. When are we going to go?” I’m fine. Who cares?

For someone who doesn’t know the throat chakra, Julia was pointing to more where the Adam’s apple is and even a little bit below that and so you’ll want to realize that that place, that’s our voice also the manifestation of our thoughts so to speak. Thank you. Anything else for our audience today, Julia, before we wrap up?

Letting In The Amazing Energy

I think that there’s this most beautiful amazing energy. If you let it in, it will change the whole flow of your life and you will see life very differently and you’ll see the same beautiful life in the same beautiful world that I see and share with others. That my world vision. That’s why the beautiful things are on Facebook. It’s enough. If we can go there and you want to help the world, do that because other people will feel it.

Absolutely and never underestimate it. We’re not talking that you have to do something huge. We are saying whatever you do that’s good, loving, and kind. Smile, a hug, a well-made baked good. You have the power to change your day and that of someone else. We never know, just that lonely person.

I ran into someone the other day who I see him walking in the mornings and he was walking with his wife for years and then he told me one day she had cancer. I saw him last week and she wasn’t with him and I said, “Where’s your wife?” He said, “She passed away yesterday.” I didn’t think twice but I hugged him. I’ve never hugged him before and he melted in my arms. He said, “Thank you so much. I needed that.”

Not that we necessarily want to hug people without their permission but in this case, it didn’t seem appropriate and he welcomed it, thank goodness. We can realize that the simple actions of a smile, a gentle, “How are you?” looking in someone’s eyes, and any act of kindness that you can do. One act of kindness at a time, we can certainly make the world a better place. Thank you, Julia. Where can our audience find you?

You can find my website at Onetrueself.com.

You’re Facebook has the same name.

On Facebook, you can find me @Julia.B.Griffin9. Why 9? I don’t know but that’s where I post a lot of pretty things and uplifting things.

Again, I thank you and our audience for the time today. It has been truly a joy and a privilege. Be well.

It was a joy for me. Namaste about before the divine in you.

Namaste and thank you. This is Imperfect Love.


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