Boosting Your Body Image and Eating Habits with Expert Bri DeRosa

IAOL 24 | Healthy Eating Habits

  Body image. Food. Perfectionism. The relationships we have with our bodies and the food we eat are shaped by factors such as childhood environments and societal messaging. Throughout life, the conscious and unconscious choices we make around food have the power to impact us mentally, emotionally, and physically. When we pause to notice the […]

Manifest Incredible Abundance with Expert Jessica Lancaster

IAOL 23 | Manifesting

  Manifesting! This singular word is magical to some and cringe-worthy to others. Yet, when manifesting is mindfully embraced, it can become a powerful tool for everyone. When we think of manifesting, ideas of the supernatural might come to mind, but true manifesting simply involves harnessing the power of your own mindset, heart, and soul. […]

Crafting Healthy Friendships at Every Stage in Life with Expert Jessica Speer

IAOL 21 | Healthy Friendships

Healthy friendships are food for the soul. Indeed, the best relationships are rooted in mutual kindness, honesty, and respect. With loneliness at epidemic levels, it’s all the more important for us to know how to cultivate loving, healthy friendships. We often think that great friendships “just happen,” but, like every truly wonderful relationship, solid friendships […]

Fostering Healthy Boundaries and Empowerment with Expert June Smalls

IAOL 17 | Healthy Boundaries

From the norms that push people-pleasing behaviors to the influences of patriarchal households, it’s easy to end up feeling small and boundaryless. In our natural quest to feel loved, accepted, and safe, we often never discover how to create and use healthy boundaries. The resulting lack of empowerment can prevent us from knowing and becoming […]