ready for change

Are You Ready for Some Serious Self-Work? 6 Steps to Discovering if You’re Ready for Change

Changing your life for the better sounds exciting and wonderful, doesn’t it?  It can be fun to dream about getting more empowered, going after that awesome job, or finding (and being) a really great partner.  It’s lovely to imagine creating your own business, getting more education, or having a less-stressed life. It’s easy to get…

spring cleaning

Your TOP Spring Cleaning Project: 5 Steps for Clearing Out Your Stressed and Anxious Mind!

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s filled with such sweetness and fresh life—spring abounds with the promise of new possibilities!  We’ve moved past the stress of the holidays and cold weather. We have our New Year’s resolutions set out, summer is beckoning, and life feels like it’s just a bit…

prevent sarcastic communication from destroying your marriage

How to Prevent Sarcastic Communication from Destroying Your Marriage

You’re not alone if you’ve exclaimed, “Hey! That’s not funny!” after bearing the brunt of a “joke” that doesn’t feel at all humorous to you. Words can injure relationships more than you might imagine. Many relationships are harmed by the long-lasting scars of verbal sparring. Often disguised as joking or bantering, derisive commentary poisons intimacy…