Fear Less, Love More: A Place of Faith

fear less, love more

In working with my clients–men and women of all ages–I so often find that invisible fears are at the root of the client’s issues. What is it about our fears that has us so attracted to them, so intent on remaining strangled and confused by them? We are too often content to remain in a life that is constrained and familiar, even if it is a life of discontent. In reaching outwards, in having faith in a better life, a better world, a fuller way of being, we can attract to ourselves that which we secretly hope to create. One sweet step at a time, one small positive change after the other, and the life of one’s dreams begins to come alive. Though we wish it would happen overnight, it is the process–the artful journey–that allows fear to dissipate and character to build. As fear lessens its hold, the roots of faith strengthen and give wondrous love and joy delicious room to grow. There is no better moment than now to begin conscious artistry of your life.

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